Sunday, February 4, 2007

Captain Bucknell #3

Captain Bucknell #3. Published spring of 1996. Written and drawn by Mark Bussler.

Captain Bucknell #3


This third Captain Bucknell isn't really one of my favotires. In fact it might be the worst one of the entire 38 episode series. Its pretty funny looking back at how bitter I was about my perception of how Greeks were treated on campus. Like it even matters in the grand scheme of things...

I was in a fraternity at the time and we were in trouble (again) for something. We were a smaller house and it was pretty evident that houses with bigger alumni support got out of things easier. Not like this is any great surprise in life you know... but at the time I was all fired up about it and wielded my pen like a sword. Take that!! Its amazing what you can get fired up about when you're a college student without a whole lot of anything to care about except Knight Rider reruns.

When the campus was invaded by a purple monster dinosaur Captain Bucknell just turns his back on them. Cruel.

I think the artwork sucks in this one. The writing is sloppy. The only picture I like is the one of the fraternity, which was modeled after mine. We had a huge lifeguard chair out back with a view of the mountains and it was really cool. It had cup holders built into it too.

So disregard the negativity. Bucknell is a great school with lots of talented professors and academic options. I was just too "busy" to notice any of it back then when fighting against THE MAN.

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